The Camp - Guest Information

So, you are attending an Event or Gathering at Waupoos Island Camp, first off, WELCOME and we are excited to host you!  We know you have lots of questions and we hope to answer lots of them here.



You will be booking one of three ways;

1. You have been invited by a third party, for example if you are a guest of a retreat being held at our facility, part of a family reunion or you have been been invited to a wedding at our property.  If you have not received a booking link for your event please contact your event host or email us.

2. You are booking an event hosted by us! You can find our event booking page HERE to find the booking link for your preferred event.

3. You are an event coordinator or family contact and would like to book the entire property for an event or reunion.  To do that; contact us HERE

During the booking process you will be asked about dietary restrictions, preferred cabin mates and transportation times etc. Please have any specific booking information you were given from your event coordinator available at that time!

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Mainland Dock Arrival 

A few weeks before your stay with us, you will be given an information package including your arrival time and directions to the mainland dock.  We are a boat access only private venue, because of this, it is important to arrive as close to your given arrival time as possible.  We transport 2-4 cottages at a time and space is limited at our loading zone so we ask that you plan your driving time from your home to Waupoos Mainland dock accordingly.  That being said, if you miss your arrival time, we can re-schedule you for the next available boat!  (No transport times are scheduled after 8pm for the safety of you as a guest and our transportation staff.)

Once you have arrived at the Waupoos Mainland Dock, you will be greeted by one of our Camp staff, who will show you where to park temporarily while you unload your vehicle.  They will also help you load your luggage onto the boat.  Once your items are loaded, Camp staff will direct you to permanent mainland parking (a short walk from the Mainland Dock).

After you have parked and are back at the boat, our Camp staff will get you fitted for life jackets.  Life jackets are mandatory for children under 16 and weak swimmers.  You will then take the short 3-5 minute boat ride over to the island.


Island Arrival

After the short 5 minute boat trip, you will arrive at the island.  Camp staff will meet you at the island dock and help you transport your luggage and personal items to your cottage.  Your friendly Camp staff member will let you know a bit about the property and the cottages as you walk to your "island home".

Information books are located in each cottage for any questions that may come up during your stay, there will also be a Camp staff member on the property during your stay if any questions come up.