Waupoos Island Weddings

Welcome to a new kind of wedding, a wedding that is free of stress and full of fun!  The Camp at Waupoos Island is proud to announce "Camp Weddings"

Camp Weddings are beautifully styled and carefully curated, all inclusive weddings.  Your job as a wedding couple is to select one of our three "On-Trend" Wedding Designs.  Our job is to execute that design, organize vendors and provide detailed wedding planning services before, during and after your event.



The Vintage bridal couple is relaxed, fun and quirky.  This wedding package has an eclectic, "flea market" feel, while still being elegant and carefully curated.



This Romantic curated wedding is for couples who are dreamers, lovers and hopeless romantics.  Soft, sweet, flow-y, and light are key componets of this wedding package.



With an eclectic mix of layered textures and materials, the Boho curated wedding is for free spirits who want a wedding that will reflect their individuality.  



All wedding packages will be customized by the bridal couple in the following ways:

  • Flowers

  • Accent Colours

  • Menu

  • Signature Cocktail (optional)

  • Ceremony and Reception Location


Venue Only

We will rent out the property to couples looking for a truly custom wedding in a spectacular setting!  "Venue Only" rentals are on an individual basis and require use of an approved local event planner who is familiar with the logistics of Waupoos Island Camp.  This venue is not for DIY weddings, due to the location and logistics of hosting a wedding on a boat access only island.